A pack of gum one day. A magazine the next. Every time we enter a store, we’re open to buying something we didn’t go in for. Because we are, in our hearts, impulsive creatures. We’ll buy something because we’re in a good mood. We’ll buy something because we’re in a bad mood. We’ll buy something just because it’s different. As consumers, it’s part of who we are. So, knowing that, we have the power to put that impulse, that split-second decision at the checkout line toward something much larger and far reaching. To make a small purchase that brings about big change. Making Change® makes it easy for consumers to support the causes they hold dear, right at the checkout line. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s proven successful. It also gives retailers a way to stay connected to the community. To not only give back, but also to give consumers a real sense of their involvement in causes that matter. Together, we can make change.

Our History

FICAH®>FOOD FOR ALL®>Making Change®

1985 was the year it all began.  Looking for a way to respond to the widespread famine plaguing Ethiopia, a group of U.S. food industry execs founded the Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger® (FICAH).  This program funded grassroots initiatives that fostered self-help, sustainable solutions to ending hunger. FICAH's fundraising efforts continued to grow and expand, eventually funding programs in other countries and the U.S.  Years later, FICAH merged with a southern California non-profit called Food For All®, and grocery store point-of-purchase fundraisers became the primary fundraising activity of the organization. 

Fast forward to today.  As our retail partners began funding a wide array of community non-profits with their Food For All® point-of-purchase funds, we decided some re-branding was in order.  To better reflect our current programming, the name Making Change® came about in 2012.


Making Change is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes human dignity, wellness and self-sufficient communities.  We do this by enabling retailers to provide support to non-profit agencies whose missions are to promote health, education and community spirit. We accomplish this through cause marketing promotions, special events, in-store point-of-purchase campaigns, and fundraising support.